A new year…

The last weeks of 2014 have past by in a blink of an eye and here we are well into januari already. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and have made a good start of the new year. November and december have been very hectic with lots of doll orders, which was great but it is a relieve when the last doll is in the mail on time to be under the Christmas tree. I treated myself with a new book called Making Peg Dolls by Margaret Bloom, it is a wonderful book with lots of nice pictures and clear instructions. To give you an idea of what the book looks like you can find a review of the book here or a little animation video here . As a family project we decided to make a nativity scene, my son and my husband made a stable and my daughter and me started on the figures. When we went along we made little to the original design, especially the three kings are quite different from the ones in  the book and the sheperts got some rough hair and beards. It was a great project and we all enjoyed it very much. kerststal

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