Please meet Suze, at least that is what I named her for now, she is a fun loving little girl. She loves her little teddy and never goes anywhere without him. For playing outside she has a warm wintercoat in her favorite color: red. She is the first Steiner doll I made with Wensleydale locks I made my first weft with it and then crocheted them into a wig. Very experienced doll makers told me the Wensleydale locks keep their shape and can even be washed and brushed. Little Suze has found a new home.


detail faceDSC_0264met staartjespoppelien doll with wintercoatwintercoat with felted flowersdoll boots

Doll for Kirsten

lijs geruit groen jurkje lijs groen wit jurkje lijs gebloemd jurkje en vestje

The best compliment for me is when a child falls in love with my dolls. Only recently I made a doll for Femke, it was love at first sight but also her sister Kirsten liked her very much. So now as a St. Nicolas gift I made a doll just for Kirsten. I wished I could see her face when she unwraps her gift on december 5th, just hope she will love her….

Fay now has a little sister!

Lijs Poppelien sproeten sweet fairies DSC_0947


Remember Fay ? She found a loving home with two little girls, Since Fay was going to be a St Nicolas gift the mother of the family had asked me if I could make another doll for the smaller girl. Lots of email conversations followed about eye colors, hair and the choice of dress. The result you can see in these pictures a blonde girl with green eyes and sweet freckles. And here comes the funny part of the story, I asked for the address where I could send these two girls and it turns out we live around the corner from each other ! It is really walking distance, so instead of bringing the dolls to the post office we shared coffee today and talked about dolls and children and had a lovely morning.




Waldorf doll with weft hair by poppelien DSC_0728 DSC_0766 Fay a poppelien doll DSC_0741 DSC_0743


Fay loves fairies, even her name means fairy and when she is bigger she wants to be a fairy, she will grow wings to fly through the sky. Sometimes she practices a little bit by climbing in a tree and jumping down. Her favorite toy is a tiny fairy doll with wings, she takes her everywhere. They love to play in the forrest together and climb trees, find berries and play hide and seek.

Will be put up for auction in my store on Indiecart she is available from saturday November 1st  5 pm until sunday November 2nd 5 pm New york time.

Cuddle dolls

detail knuffelpopjeknuffelpopje zittend Cuddel doll detail Cuddle doll


Two very different cuddle dolls I made recently.

Twee hele verschillende knuffelpopjes die ik recent heb gemaakt.